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On this page, we have what you need to look for when trying to select the best NFL betting sites that cater to your needs. These sportsbooks also offer a number of promotions to help bettors get started on the right foot and add incentive to win your bets. Keep it clicked here to learn more about these sites or just jump down to the sites we recommend by clicking the red link above.

What To Look For When Searching For Sites To Bet NFL

Sports Betting is very popular, and with the technology available today online, there are more betting odds available now than ever. And when it comes to betting on the NFL, it's NFL sportsbooks that will be your best resource for betting lines, matchups on the NFL schedule, and more.

Below, we have everything you need to consider when selecting an online sportsbook for betting on NFL games. If you stick to this criteria, you will not go wrong. These are the things we look for when we select where we want to bet and at the bottom of this page you will find the NFL betting sites we trust with our own money.

What Bonuses For Betting On NFL Games Are Offered?

First Deposit - Sportsbooks will offer welcome or sign up bonuses for their new players, which can give free plays, free bets, or additional money depending on the deposit. These bonuses can be worth up to $1,000 at some sportsbooks.

Reloads - In addition to that, after making those initial deposits, NFL sportsbooks will offer reload bonuses for their returning players. Some sportsbooks offer reload bonuses on every deposit you make.

Reduced Juice - Reduced juice offers are also a promotion that a sportsbook will offer, reducing the percentage off the top of the bet that is taken by the sportsbook. An example of this would be taking it from 10% down to 5%.

Types Of Odds For Betting NFL Games

The top NFL sportsbooks will offer a variety of different types of wagers when betting on the NFL. So let's look at some of the ones you can expect to see.

Futures - A Futures wager is one of the most common types of NFL betting lines, usually pertaining to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Betting Odds are typically up year-round on the the top sportsbooks. Thus the term 'futures' comes into play. But futures odds can also be formed for NFC and AFC championships, division winners and others.

ATS/Moneyline - Betting against the spread and on the moneyline are also two of the most common bets to place on the NFL. Betting against the spread offers a point-spread for a game, in which a favorite is set giving points, and an underdog is receiving points, or a handicap. It's designed to even the game out, and definitely makes things fun. There is another type of wager similar to betting against the spread. It is called betting on the moneyline. The moneyline is installed for each game, except without the point spread. Essentially, you pick the winner of the game. But since this is deemed easier to do, the payouts are certainly not what you would get if picking against the spread, especially for the favorite. Since the underdog in the game is getting no points on the moneyline, the payout is significant higher.

Props - There are two types of prop wagers when it comes to betting on NFL sportsbooks. They are team prop odds and player props. Both of theses betting lines are formed for all of the games during the season, but typically do not relate to the direct result of the game. These prop odds are bets within the game. For example for players props, these lines are formed based on performances, such as a quarterback's total passing yardage for a game, or a running back's touchdown total. Team props are along the same lines, with a bet place on which team will score first, or which team will have more turnovers as examples. Prop bets are definitely fun to wager on, and limit the variables that can happen when it comes to betting against the spread of the game. Props only have to do with a subset of the game, which can make things a bit easier.

Live Betting - Live Betting at NFL sportsbooks is a relatively new genre of betting, given the increase in technology and media around the world. Everything is instant and present, and online sportsbooks are taking advantage of this by giving players the opportunity to bet live on NFL games. These betting lines for the live betting range in nature, and can be alternate point spreads, or something as specific as whether the next play will record a first down. Live Betting is definitely the most interactive form of betting around today.

Ways To Make Wagers On NFL Games

When it comes to betting on the NFL, there are several different types of wagers that can be made in game. Below are several of the more popular options but do know that there are many more that we have not mentioned. Each sportsbook has their own wager types and it is best to check with them first.

Straight Wagers - The first, and probably the most common, is a straight wager. These straight wagers would be betting against the spread, betting on the moneyline, over/under total, futures and more. It's your basic bet in which you place one wager for one outcome.

Parlays - A parlay on the other hand, is a number of bets placed linked together to achieve a payout. These parlay bets can be a small as two bets, or a great as you want. But the more games and bets strung together, the more difficult things get. This is the chance for a big payout though, depending on the type of parlay a bettor chooses.

Teasers - A Teaser is another type of bet, and is similar to a parlay in that you need to hit all of your bets to win. However, there are definitely some differences. A teaser allows a player to combine two bets on two different games. In the case of a teaser, points are allowed to be added and subtracted between the two games for a different payout. A player can make up to 15 team bets on a teaser, or as little as two, and can be played on football and basketball only.

Importance Of Deposits / Payouts

NFL Sportsbooks should be simple and easy to deposit into as well, offering a myriad of options. Because of the stringent laws surrounding online gambling transactions in the U.S., this is not always the case. You just have to be patient and find the method that works best for you whether that be with your plastic, or even sending a wire transfer in from the convenience store on the corner. Be sure to find a sportsbook that has many options as the first one does not always work for everyone.

Deposits - So NFL sportsbooks that accept USA players ensure that there are deposit methods for them to do so. And many of these deposit methods go quickly to fund an account. However, it depends on the method chosen to deposit on the time that a player goes from depositing to being able to play. There are several Internet Payment mediums that cater to U.S players, and offer rapid transfers within just a couple of days.

Withdrawals - Withdrawing and cashing out from NFL sportsbooks is made easy as well, with them usually several options to do so. These withdrawals can take a couple of days up to a couple of weeks depending on the method. Typically there are several electronic transactions available, and always a check through the mail offered by the best NFL sportsbooks.

Recommended Sites For Betting NFL Games

Bovada - Features Familiar Betting Types On A Variety Of NFL Odds

When it comes to betting on the NFL, Bovada is one of the best and most trusted NFL sportsbooks around. Formerly by the name Bodog, the name Bovada radiates quality around the world of online betting, offering some of best NFL odds throughout the season. Bovada is offering a 50% welcome bonus for new players which can be good for as much as $250 in free play. Bovada offers all of the NFL lines a player would be seeking, including futures, game lines, player props, team props, and live betting. These are all straight wagers, but Bovada also offer parlays. Bovada is a USA player friendly sportsbook, and offers several deposit methods including VISA, Mastercard, Rapid Transfer, and MyPaylinQ. When cashing out, Rapid Transfer is offered, as well as a check through the mail.

BetOnline - Bonuses On Every Deposit You Make For Betting On NFL Games

BetOnline is one of the top NFL betting sites around. BetOnline offers a ton of NFL betting lines, and quality service to their players. BetOnline offers a 25% up to $900 when depositing with any method other than a credit card, with a minimum of $50 deposit required. They offer a variety of different types of NFL betting lines and straight wagers, including game lines, futures, and prop odds throughout the season. BetOnline offers a number of deposit methods as well. These include VISA, Mastercard, moneyorder, person to person, prepaid card, Western Union and more. When cashing out at BetOnline, you can do so through a wire transfer, bank wire, or a check through the mail.

More Recommended NFL Sportsbooks
Site Bonus Accepts Bettors From Age Bet Now
Bovada 50% to $250 All But Maryland & Louisiana 18 To Bovada
BetOnline 25% to $900 All 50 U.S. States 18 To BetOnline
5Dimes 50% to $200 All 50 U.S. States 18 To 5Dimes