NFL Team Offense Stats

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Offensive stats are perhaps the most important, as you can't cover spreads if your teams aren't scoring any points. Our tool will show you all of the important stats that must be considered when you are going to start placing bets. These statistics are given as averages, but they will give you an idea of each team's offensive performance up to the current week schedule for the NFL season.

By using this tool, you are in store for breakdowns of team rushing and team passing stats individually. For both sides, you will see total attempts, total yards, as well as yards per attempt, which will show you exactly how the team is performing on that particular side of the offense.

The number of first downs is also recorded, as are total offensive yards. Other key offensive stats like possession times, turnovers, and penalties have also been included.

As with the other options of this tool, you can sort all of the information in ascending or descending order, or even by team. Whether you need information for betting or bragging, these offensive stats for NFL teams will show you what you need to know.

Sortable Offensive Stats For NFL Teams