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NFL injury reports are one of the most powerful tools in a bettor's arsenal. After all, what would happen if Tom Brady hurt his arm, or if Aaron Rodgers had a damaged shoulder? What about Calvin Johnson spraining his ankle?

Losing a key player could make it incredibly difficult for a team to win or for a bet to take place. Our NFL team injury reports tool monitors each player's injury in order to inform bettors and fans alike who is going to be sitting out of the game. In some cases we can even provide you with specifics about an injury or even the time it will take the player to get back into the game.

Keep in mind that we only receive the information released by the league, so you will not get the hearsay and rumors that can surround some of the bigger players in the league. After all, you're not going to get straight answers from coaches like Bill Belichick anyway so why speculate...

Below, you can select between any of the teams to view their injury report. The latest official injury report news is included for all 32 NFL teams. Stay up to date with these reports as well as with the NFL schedules to see if it looks like a guy is going to play or if he is even going to be needed for his team to win that week.

NFL Team Injury Reports