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The NFL defensive statistics are frequently undervalued when it comes to making a bet, even though an overview of how a team's defense is fairing is just as important as an offensive. Defense can be the determining factor when it comes to winning games as often as an offense, as some of the best teams in the league boast a powerful defensive squads.

Below, our tool will show you how each team is doing against the others, as well as the league average. Yards per play, first downs allowed, turn overs, time on defense, and penalties. Rushing and passing individual stats are also included. And, for just fans of the game, you can see how your team is faring against the other members of the league.

These defensive stats can make the difference between betting on a loser or collecting money from a winner, so you want to check in on them before you place a bet, just like you would consult the NFL season schedule first.

Sortable Defensive Stats For NFL Teams