Conference & Division NFL Standings

NFL Schedules

As the season continues to unfold, the standings become increasingly important. The possibility of reaching the playoffs can change on a week by week basis, leaving futures bettors grasping for straws. Even if you are just a fan trying to monitor the progress of the teams in the league, this chart of the standings will show you everything you need to know about the teams in the league.

Both conferences are broken down into their respective divisions, and each team's standings are listed. Win-loss standings, various against the spread standings, divisional record, the over/under record, and even their current streak are listed on this tool.

Nothing important has been left out of this list, and it can even be expanded for even more statistics, including grass and turf records, as well as the conference record and the win percentage for how teams have fared in their NFL schedule.

AFC & NFC Divsional Standings