2015 NFL Week 2 Preseason Schedule

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Though the words "Preseason Week 2" don't exactly get your blood pumping that doesn't mean you shouldn't be thinking about football...after all the preseason is actually what signifies the start of NFL fantasy football and all fantasy owners worth their salt should be studying up by now!

Check out all the dates + times of the games this week and see whether they can be seen live by looking just below. Also be sure to check your local listings as games may be shown regionally on local network affiliates.

2015 NFL Preseason: Week 2 Schedule

Thursday, August 20th 2015


Saturday, August 22nd



Sunday, August 23rd 2015


Probably the most important thing to watch during week 2 of the preseason is the injury reports for each NFL team. Paying attention to who's showing signs of wear from training camp and knowing which players are sitting the bench until the start of the 2015 NFL regular season schedule can really pay dividends not only when it comes to drafting for fantasy football but also for finding easy-to-win wager opportunities which can be quite common during the exhibition portion of the schedule.

One nice thing about the week 2 preseason schedule is that seven of these games will be a live national broadcast however four of those games will be on the NFL Network which is still an add-on with several cable television providers.

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